Saturday, June 27, 2015

2012 Family Vacation Album

Wow! It's been forever since I posted anything to my blog!  One thing I'd like to do is to be more active in posting projects to my blog.  My husband finished my scrap area on Mother's Day of this year, which means it was almost 18 months since I had a dedicated scrap space!  Too long, for sure.  Although I did not do much crafting during that time, I kept busy taking online classes, and working on a few projects, like my first December Daily album, where I journaled every day with the help from Shimelle's "Journal your Christmas" class.  The album is unfinished, but it was a valiant effort, given my circumstances!

The most exciting recent discovery of mine has been finding May Flaum's blog and classes. Since then, I have taken several of May's classes, including "Supplies on Hand", "Find the Art in your Journal", and the current "May's Guide to the Vacation Album".

This Vacation class has been ongoing since March, and has inspired me to complete an album for our 2012 vacation trip to Colorado.  I was so inspired by May Flaum's awesome "freestyle" methods, and by her infectious sense of fun!  I loved how she combined full 12 X 12 layouts with "Project Life" or faux Project Life style layouts.  I have been wanting to scrap all of the awesome photos from our trip three summers ago, and the class was just the inspiration I needed.  I did include two pages that I had completed soon after the trip, and have added several more.  Any photos I have that have not been scrapped, will be placed in divided page protectors until I am inspired to create another page, or where they can live safely, and be seen by my family (another awesome tip from May's class!).  Another bonus is that I have been able to use up some of my old scrapbook products that have been gathering dust.  I even used a few background pages I made for one of Shimelle's classes called "The Perfect Collection".  I had cut up a kit and made a bunch of pages, but only managed to actually use one.  This is icing on the cake!

I am already signed up for May Flaum's next class, "Camp Scrap 2015", which starts on July 1!  I am very excited to start that class, with zero down time between classes! 

Here are the pages I have completed so far:


Monday, October 13, 2014

Scrap your Stash!!!

For the first ten days of October, I was signed up for an amazing online class called "Supplies on Hand" by May Flaum.  Each day had a lesson with a ton of ideas for using items currently in our stash.  Subjects covered in the ten days were:  Alphabets, Buttons & Things, Color Mediums, Journaling Cards, Scraps, Punches & Dies, Stamps & Stencils, Stickers, Trims & Tapes, and More Paper.  I was intrigued by this idea since I am currently trying to fit may big stash into a smaller space.  Each day's lesson featured at least two videos by May herself, Ashli Olver, and project s(including downloads) from many other fabulous contributors.  I was very inspired by this class, and would strongly recommend it to anyone on the fence about buying it.  It was crammed with content, many extras, four live chat sessions, and was well worth the price of admission!  I was so inspired, I completed several projects over the long Columbus Day weekend.  Here are a few:

I made this card front for the alphabet lesson.  I was able to use one of my oldest sets of Thickers (with the use of added adhesive), and a scrap of very old Cosmo Cricket paper.  I got the idea to layer die cut paper over my alphabets from the Scrap your Scraps blog.

Lately, I have been in a very Halloween mood, and pulled out all my Halloween stash.  In the past, I had purchased a lot of themed product, which needs using.  I was able to use some old scraps of paper, alphas, and some embellishments from my stash.  I'm not sure what I'll do with these, but they're cute!

I also made a wreath using some very old MME paper from 2009.  I saw the idea to make folded rosette wreaths from Jennifer McGuire.

I really hope I continue to be inspired to use up some of the items that have been gathering dust in my stash.  It really feels good to put them to use!  Thanks for dropping by!  

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wonderful World of Color Challenge #2 - Color Recipe Challenge

Here is my first challenge for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  I started with Challenge #2 because I had the perfect photo in mind for Jemma's recipe challenge, which is as follows: "My recipe challenge to you today is to make a palette from the following ingredients: I want you to feature BLACK and/or WHITE (or mix them to make GREY) along with shades of ONE other COLOUR."

I chose to use black and white and only a pop of red in the title and the red from my son's shirt in the photo.  The journaling describes how my youngest currently hates to have his photo taken, and rarely smiles for pictures.  I used a sheet of paper from my kit, wood veneer stars as embellishments, and a bunch of Midnight Project Life cards from my stash.  I figured the wood stars are more of a neutral, and would still work with the challenge.  Thanks for the fun challenge!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May Counterfeit Kit

This month, I am hoping to jump back in to the world of forgery!  At least when it comes to forging awesome scrapbook kits!  I loved the inspiration kit by Paper Camelia this month at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, and wanted to create a kit of my own with a fun travel-ish theme.


I was especially was drawn to the map paper from the inspiration kit, so I included old stash from a Girl's Paperie travel line, which has one map print sheet.  I added some freshness to that by including papers from Maggie Holmes' Crate Paper's Flea Market Collection.  The colors of the collections seemed to work well together, with all the teal, yellow, navy, and pinks tones.  They both have a yummy vintage feel, as well.  There are two cut apart sheets in my kit, which I liked.

For my embellishments, I added the gorgeous vellum sheets that came with the Flea market collection, as well as a bunch of other items from my stash that caught my eye.  I think it's a pretty kit, and I hope to use it up this month completing some of the NSD challenges!

Happy (Belated) National Scrapbooking Day!

Some people may not be aware that there is an actual day dedicated to the craft of scrapbooking, but it is absolutely true!  I think NSD, as it is known by those that know such things, is always celebrated on the first Saturday in May, and this year it fell on May 3rd.  I was very excited to participate this year, and actually told my husband that I planned to spend the day scrapping away, and that he was not to bother me.  It worked out perfectly, because our youngest was out of town at a choir festival, and I thought I would have even less to distract me!  Well, you know how those big plans can turn out...  I started the day visiting many scrapbooking sites.  I went to Two Peas in a Bucket, Big Picture Classes, and The Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog, among other places.  The I got to work and completed exactly ONE layout!  I think I had set my expectations too high, and was overwhelmed by so much inspiration available on the web.  In the future, it might be better to stick to one website or blog, and do the challenges presented there.

Here is my layout, which includes photos from a trip I take each year to Santa Barbara with my sister Ann.  I used a scheme inspired by Stacy Julian, which is like a pocket page, but does not use a pocket page protector.  I fussed with this page for hours, and I guess I'm happy with it.  I actually had to make myself stop, or who knows how long I would have fiddled around with it before calling it quits!

Another tip for having a more successful NSD in the future is to have a bunch of new photos printed prior to the day.  I had many photos at my disposal, but I think a fresh batch would have inspired me more.  I'll try to remember these things for next year!

Luckily, one of my favorite blogs, the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog, has extended their challenges until May 16th!  I think I'll take advantage of the coming Mother's Day weekend to eke out a few more hours to my favorite hobby!  I hope to even get a few more challenges completed!  One of the more exciting things about NSD is that there are many great prizes available to participants of some of the challenge sites.  Nothing beats the thrill of winning a coveted NSD prize package!  Wish me luck!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Blog....what blog?

Two weeks ago I visited my family in Southern California.  One of the first things my sister Marta said to me was, "You haven't blogged in seven months?!!".  By now, it's been eight months, but who's counting?  My life since going back to work has been more than a bit hectic.

I haven't given up scrapbooking altogether.  This year, for the first time, I've begun a "Project Life" or "Day in the Life" type of scrapbooking.  I have successfully kept a daily journal, and have managed to complete almost ten weeks of the album.  I will post some pages when I get them photographed.  The book is a pretty cool cross section of life.

Last weekend, upon looking at Shimelle Laine's website, I discovered she was doing a "Best of both world's" challenge weekend.  I was inspired to pull some papers using her August kit as inspiration, and participating in a few of the challenges.  The two layouts I completed were the first traditional pages all year!!  I guess I should be happy I accomplished that much.

Here is a photo of Shimelle's August "Best of both worlds" kit:

I like how she embraced the turquoise and other blues in her kit.  I tried to find similar papers in my stash, and this is what I came up with.  I was able to pull some things that I've been meaning to use, but which have been collecting dust.  This pleased me very much!

I decided to allow myself to use any embellishments I wanted with the papers.  Using up anything I have laying around is an accomplishment, as far as I'm concerned.

Here is the first layout I completed.  The challenge was to use the "flexible template" concept to create a page.  This is Noelle Hyman's version of a free form sketch.  I have to admit to feeling a little rusty, although I'm not unhappy with the results.

The star paper in the background is one piece I especially love by Studio Calico.  I'm very happy to have finally put it to use.

This next layout was completed for Shimelle's challenge to use 3 3X4 cards.  I struggled a bit with this one, and had to redo the card with the journaling.  I also used a bunch of stickers on the upper right corner, so it could work for Shimelle's challenge to use stickers, as well.  Another way I challenged myself was to use the printed background paper by cutting a portion of one of the fish on the background and placing my cardstock behind it.  I also cut one of the fish that was covered completely out, and popped it up on another part of the page. 

I will post some pics of my Project Life as soon as I get them photographed.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My scrapbook process...

I was thrilled when Bethany asked me to join in for December at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge!  I enjoyed working with the team in the past, and was excited to create two posts this month.

For today's post, I was asked to share my creative process with you.  At first, I shook my head and wondered "what on earth I could possibly share about that?".  It's not something I've thought seriously about.  I usually play it by ear when creating a layout, and that seems to work for me.  I had to think about how I go about each step of my creative process.  I came to the conclusion that it really depends on whether I am starting with a photo, story, or other starting point.  I've given some examples of places I might begin.  

Photos:  I truly believe that my real purpose in scrapbooking is to showcase my family photos.  Since converting to digital photography, I no longer print out every single photo I take.  I pick and choose the best photos, and photos I especially hope to scrapbook someday.  There is no way I will ever scrap every photo I print out, but I like having the option.  So, often I start with a photo or series of photos that are important to me, or inspire me in some way.  I tend to gravitate towards photos that capture a person's personality or a special moment in time.  Or, there might be a great story behind the photo that I want to relate on my page.

This layout features a favorite photo of my son, Joey.  He was so adorable at that age, and the photo reflected his love of hats.  The rest of the page was created around the photo.   

 Story:  Journaling is very important in scrapbooking.  I have done pages that don't have much journaling, but I almost always include at least a date.  Sometimes a story is so significant, that I may want to create a page using that story as my starting point.  I have even done a page that did not have a photo, but featured only the journaling.  This is fairly rare, however.  Usually, I start with the photos, and the journaling comes later in my process.  

Here is a page I created using my story as the focal point, and a vintage photo to support the journaling, since I had no photo of the actual event.
Product:  I love buying beautiful scrapbook papers and embellishments!!  It's a weakness, which I'm pretty sure I share with many other scrapbookers out there.  Sometimes the product is so amazing, I might start with that.  I then go through my photos, or may even have some in mind that will work perfectly with the product I have chosen.

This layout was created using product from My Mind's Eye Follow your Heart "Be Amazing" paper line.  Although other product items were used, the MME was the basis of the layout.  The photo and embellishment choices were made after the paper was chosen.


Kits:  I have always loved scrapbook kits!  I no longer subscribe to any clubs, but I love the idea of putting kits together.  That's one reason I love the Counterfeit Kit Challenge!  Kits are awesome because they be specific to a theme, or can be very versatile.  When I'm working with a kit, I usually start with the papers and embellishments included in the kit, and find photos that will go well with it.  This is a similar process to how I would use a product line to make a scrapbook page, although there can be multiple paper lines included in a kit.

Here is my very first Counterfeit Kit from February, 2011, and a page I created from that kit.

Sketches:  Sketches are a great starting point for a layout, especially if you are having trouble coming up with ideas.  Looking at the sketch, I usually choose photos that fit the basic orientation of the sketch, and go from there.  This can be fun, because you may end up with something that looks similar to the starting sketch, or resembles it very little.  You can find an endless number of free sites which have sketches of every sort.  You can often narrow your search by size or number of photos, to find the sketch that will work best with your photos and album size.

This layout was made following the sketch shown.  In this instance, I followed the sketch fairly closely.  


Challenges:  This is another great great place to start.  There are hundreds of challenge blogs and websites available on the internet.  Many scrapbook forums regularly post challenges for their members to take part in, as well.  I would highly recommend trying one of these resources, especially if you are struggling with motivation.  Using the guidelines for the challenge, it's easy to come up with product/photos that would work.  You never know where this may lead, often with unexpected results.  I enjoy challenges because they often encourage you to try something outside of your comfort zone.

The inspiration for this layout came from a challenge to use only cardstock as a background for a page.

Putting it all together:  After deciding on photos and product, I typically spread everything out on my table and look at it.  I hold the photos up against various sheets of paper, to see how it looks together.  I don't have any set rules for combining papers and photos, I usually goes with what pleases my eye the most.  I usually compose my background layers first, then place my photos.  I usually will wait to glue everything down I'm sure of the placement.  After photos, I decide on embellishment, title, and journaling placement.  As for the journaling, in most cases I've been thinking about the story the entire time I put the other elements together.  By this stage, I should have a pretty good idea about what I want to say, which is only limited by the space I have to write it. After embellishments, title, and journaling are done, I look at the layout again to see if I want to add/change anything.  I may even leave for awhile, and come back later.  If I'm happy with the result, then I call it done.  I used to be very critical of my layouts, and stress out about every little detail.  Unless the page is for a special project, I can usually be happy with the page however it turns out.  Not every page is awesome, but I have gotten the important things down, which really are the photos and journaling.

Take some time to think about your process.  Is it similar to what others have shared, or is it very unique?  I'd love to hear about it!  Thanks for visiting my blog!